Personalize It

Personalized Books

Jay Has Fun! – Level A
This book includes 6 Flash Cards

Ann Has Fun! – Level A
This book includes 6 Flash Cards

Where is Duke? Level A

This book includes 8 Flash Cards

Here is an example of a personalized version of Ann Has Fun! and Where is Duke?

ella-cover img_0899 where-is-enzo3

Personalized books give your child a book with their name written throughout the book. This helps your child have a familiarity and ownership of their book. Having their name repeated throughout helps them learn their written name. You can customize the features of the character in the story to match your child or pet. We can change the hair color, eye color and skin color to match your child. Cost for a personalized book is $19.95.

To personalize a book just email me a description of your child or pet and you can also send me a picture to

Eye color – Green, Blue, and Brown

Hair color – Dark Brown, Blonde and Red

Skin color – Brown or Medium

Currently we have three books you can personalize for your child. However, we are in the process of creating many more books available on topics to include: Potty Training, Steps Before Bed,  a Princess story and a Race Car story, etc…

Personalized handwriting laminated placemats – 11″ x 17″ – Write on with dry erase markers. COMING SOON!


Custom Books With Subjects Specific To You!

Custom books can be ordered. If you are trying to teach your child a special concept or need a book that just has flash cards in it, we are available to help you create a book to fit your needs. Some ideas for custom book might be a personalized book to help with an issue you are having with your child like:

“Ten Steps before Bed”
1. Lucy takes a bath
2. Lucy brushes her teeth.

Cost for a personalized book is $24.95.

Please email the details of your personalized or custom book to