Level D

Reading Level D is for the final stages of emergent readers and the books are also great for you to read to your children at any stage. Most pages have complex sentences. The books include a word match game. Click on a book for sample pages and a free download of the word match pages.
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 Jay and Dingo Are
Off to Space
Level D

Saffron the Seal
Level D

Karma Kids Learning books are broken down into 5 Levels according to our 5 Stages of Sentences.
I created these stages after trying to teach my own three children to read. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a children’s book that said it was for emergent readers that wound up having six or more words with most words being difficult for emergent readers. I found that when teaching my own children who were emergent readers,  I wanted to first start off with couplets (two word sentences) and then work my way up to four word sentences.

Our Levels are:

Level A – Five words or less
Level B – Seven swords or less
Level C – Over seven words
Level D – Complex sentences
Level E – Paragraphs