I created these books for my children, who have all had struggles learning to read. I have eight year old twins and an 11 year old daughter, who each have their own issues to overcome. My oldest daughter is cross dominant, which is a little bit like dyslexia. At school, she participated in brain integration therapy.  As part of that therapy, she started competitive year round swimming. The bilateral movement of swimming helps to organize and integrate the right and left hemispheres in the brain. Click here for an excellent article on sensory brain integration. She just stopped reversing her last two numbers this past year and she just finished 5th grade and was awarded The President’s Certificate for her straight A average and high STAAR test scores. My twin son was just diagnosed with dyslexia.  And last but not least, my beautiful twin daughter that has down syndrome, apraxia, poor vision and possibly cross dominance. For all of their particular issues, large print has been recommended to help them process the words.

When I began looking for books that had large print I became very frustrated. The early reading books on the market had tiny type, too many words, and text written over the pictures. I then began my journey to create books that made it easier for my kids to learn to read.

Fast Flash Books are designed to make it as easy as possible to read, memorize and comprehend. The books use large text in 50 point plus type to help children that need large words to learn to read.

Often young readers that do not have completely formed vision, children who have poor eyesight or children with special needs need larger type to learn to read.

Bold, LARGE text also helps with right-brain memorization. For children who have special needs, learning to read early using right-brain memorization can dramatically help with speech. The more words and images they can recognize early, will help to form brain pathways and stimulate further learning. After a child has acquired a good vocabulary of 100-150 words, they can focus on learning phonics, which are also very important.

Using these books with high repetition and a lot of praise will start your child in the right direction to enjoy a lifetime of reading!

Big Easy To Read Text
Perfect for:

• Early Learners who may have underdeveloped vision

• Visually Impaired kids

• Allows all of the class to see…even the back row

• Reading before bed in dimmed lighting

• Children with special needs