A reading program with fast flash and books…

1. Flashing Program – Five days a week

Number of sets per day:     3 sets
Set:     One set is 5 to 10 words
Frequency:     3 sets per day,  5 days per week
Duration:     Read at the pace of 1 second per word
1. Begin flashing the book Fast Flash 1.

2. When finished with the first book, continue with Fast Flash 2 and Couplets.

2. Reading Program – Five days a week

Number of books per day:    1 to 2 book sets
Each book contains:     Sentences to read, flash cards and a word match game.
Book set order:
1. Flash the cards in the back

2. Read the sentences
3. Play the word match game or flash again
Frequency:     1  to 2 books per day, 5 days per week
Duration:     Read at the pace of 1 second per word
1. Read one book per day the first week
2. Add a 2nd book on the next week. You are now reading 2 books per day. 


1. Repetition – The key to reading is repetition and frequency. It is best to be consistent with doing the program five days per week. It only takes a few seconds to do a set.
2. Quiet Place – Take your child to a quiet place in your house. It is best when your child only hears your voice saying the words and does not have any other visual distractions.
3. Make this time fun and praise your child often. If either one of you are in a bad mood postpone your program until later that day. Try to stop before your child is ready to stop and definitely stop when the child begins to look bored.
3. Seating – In the beginning, sit across from the child holding up the book and flash cards like you would in a classroom setting during story time. Keep the child focusing straight ahead on the words. When your child begins to remember the words you may want to sit next to them so that they can try to read the material by themselves sitting beside you. When you sit next to them be sure to sit to a student’s right side because that best stimulates left-brain auditory processing and learning.
4. Tracking – Make sure to read the book tracking under each word with your finger.
5. Pace – First read the flash cards very quickly pacing about one second per card. When reading the book, keep the same pace while tracking your finger underneath each word while reading the lines.

1. Flashing Program Instructions:

1. Start the program by fast flashing the book Fast Flash 1. This book has 49 high interest words to flash and it is broken into 5 groups of 10 words. Flash 5 to 10 words per day, three times a day for five days. If your child has special needs like apraxia or is very young then adjust the program to only flash 5 words at a time, 3 times a day.  Be sure to take a 15 minute break in between sets. The first ten words are focused on family and have a place for you to add a picture of your family members on the back of the word being flashed.

2. After you have completed five days, take two days off and then start your next set of 5 or 10 words along with the first set. You will now be flashing 10 to 20 words per day, three times a day.

3. The next week you will add one more set of flash words. Now you are flashing 15 to 30 words, three times per day or more. Next week retire the first set of flash cards and add the next set in the book. Although, you will review the retired set of flash cards once every couple of weeks.

4. After you have gone through the book flashing each set of flash cards for 3 weeks, you will start on the book Fast Flash 2.

5. When you have finished Fast Flash 2 then start flashing the book Couplets which has two word phrases.  At anytime you may begin adding any of the six books from Level A.  Then move on to Level B.

Best video to watch: Best book to read:
The Down Syndrome Research Foundation of Canada’s video
Click here…
How To Teach Your Baby to Read, by Glenn Doman and his daughter Janet Doman
This video is an excellent tutorial instructing parents and teachers how to teach students to read using books, flash cards and a word match game. Repetition and frequency are the key with learning to read. This program using flash cards and a word match game give great opportunity for repetition. The video also shows many reading games and tips to make learning fun. This book details Doman’s findings after teaching children with brain injuries how to read. The earlier you start your reading and flashing program the better.  It is just a little bit easier for each year younger the child is. It is never too late to start. Do not ever give up. Children with apraxia and other special needs, will sometimes progress very slowly. However, I am sometimes amazed with my daughter who has apraxia by how many words she remembers when I reintroduce books we have already read a couple week later. Kids with apraxia have such a hard time with short term memory. Once things are in long term memory they rarely forget them.

2. Reading Program Instructions:

Set order ( 1. flash  2. read  3. game or flash again). Repeat for 5 days and then start a new book set. These books are different from other reading programs because they include flash cards and a word match game. Having a story and images that go along with the flash cards gives the child an added context and meaning for the words you are flashing. This helps children to attain greater understanding of the flash cards which helps with memorization and recall.
1. Read the flash cards in the book first. Flash them quickly with just enough time for you to say the word quickly, which is about one second per word.
2. Next read the book at the same pace about one word per second.
3. Now you can either read the flash cards again (mix up the order) or play the word match game by matching the cut out words to the identical words on the board page. Which one you choose will depend on your child’s ability at the time. If the child is young and is not capable of playing the word match game then just read the flash cards again.
4. Take a break when you have completed everything and have your child do something else for about 10 to 15 minutes.
5. After the break, If your child is still interested in learning more you could read another different book set or just do an additional set of fast flash cards that you are currently flashing on your reading program.
6. Later in the day read the book’s flash cards one or two additional times.